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Security Policy
I t is important to me that you have peace of mind when you visit this website (as defined under the Terms of Use), especially when you use the facilities or interact with me or with other users. As your interaction invariably means that you will expose or even submit valuable resources such as personal and financial details, I have deemed it fit and proper to institute measures which would keep all such resources safe while in my custody.

My approach is to use the latest in Internet technology in the area of security to keep the web site itself secure and specifically to keep your personal details safe. At its core, each page of the site has been designed with security measures especially to protect your personally identifiable information from getting stolen or from strangers impersonating you to gain access to your personal data.

In this particular regard, we like to inform you of your own role too, and I hereby solicit your cooperation in the following ways:

1. If your use of othe website involves some form of registration or filling of Forms, do make the effort to use a strong password. Weak passwords make it much easier for evil users to impersonate you, thereby gaining access to your account. In general, make your password longer than nine characters; use a mixture of uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase (a-z) letters with numbers (0-9) and punctuation marks (! @ # $ % ^ & , . ; ' etc). And find a way of remembering it!
[br /] 2. Take special care when entering your sensitive details in a public place. Ensure that information such as credit card data and password are not monitored by people standing near to you. Using computers in places such as a library or cyber cafe calls for particular vigilance on your part.

3. Always make it a habit to log-off the website when you are done. Our systems will normally do much "cleanup" for you, but it is not wise to rely only on this since it is a timed-event which cannot guaranty that the next person that uses the computer after you would not gain access to your unclosed details if you do not formally log-off.

But the real work lies with me! Therefore, on my side, I have taken the following measures:

1. I follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information which you have given me, to prevent unauthorised access. My security procedures mean that I may occasionally request proof of identity before I am able to disclose sensitive information even to you.

2. Information is stored securely on the servers of our web hosting partner, Their servers are protected by a central firewall and back-up firewall which monitor activity and hostile attacks.

3. Online Donation and other Payments
I have partnered with, the leading payment gateway in Nigeria to accept credit cards and electronic check payments safely and securely for donors. With them, you can make donations to the ministry right on the website, and do so with confidence. The gateway manages the complex routing of sensitive customer information through the electronic check and credit card processing networks.

I assure you of a safe and enjoyable experience on the site!