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About the Ministry
This site is the internet outlet of my ministry. It is a core aspect of my response to the call of God as teacher of the Word and shepherd of the flock. Essentially, the site serves as the organ to gather, collate, administer and diseminate the grace of God via the various services rendered by me and my associates - friends, members and partners of the ministry.

Ministry Vision
[br /] To be a safe custodian of divine precepts and pillar of support for practical Christian life to all believers.


The work has been dully registered in Nigeria as a non-profit organisation, Incorporated Trustee, under the name "Precepts of Life Ministry" with registration No. CAC/IT/NO 27496

The Calling

Through the means of various channels and agents, the Lord called me to the ministry of His word to serve as a pillar in the household of faith, joining other believers to help keep the sanctity of the Church via:
- faithful custody of the oracles of God;
- safe reference point for clarification of divine precepts, and
- sure help for believers in practical New Covenant life

The Work
The execution of the work demands the establishment of avenues where Christians and genuine seekers of the Truth anywhere in the world would find authoritative and trustworthy rallying point for both doctrine and practical daily life.
[br /] This website serves as one of such avenues as well as the controlling center for the otherarms of the Ministry which cater for different aspects of the work.

[br /] Precepts of Life Church (
This is a communion to tend Christ's sheep for spiritual transformation and equip them to destroy satanic works, enjoy abundant life, impart society and glorify God.

Know the Doctrine (
Systematic presentation of the core teachings of the Christian faith. The material is directed at all believers who desire deep knowledge of the foundations of their beliefs. It is intentionally presented in non-academic style with minimal and accessible technical language.

New Covenant Perspective (
To promote Christian ethics and biblical worldview by refocussing the attention of believers toward the New Testament pattern, presenting to, and clarifying for non- believers the Christian position on social and religious issues in a culturally-relevant context without compromising righteous demand of the gospel to which they are invited, and to help uphold the position of the Church as the pillar and the ground of truth to this generation.

Escapades in Iniquity (
Aims to provide an avenue for believers in Christ to share the testimonies of God's faithfulness in saving them from their previous lives of bondage under darkness and giving them eternal life. Also to be a place where people currently struggling with various forms of oppression, can get practical help through the sharing of experiences and giving of germaine counsel of others who have passed through similar challenges in the past.

POLINK URL Shortner (
Private URL shortner presented as a special service for members and paertners of Precepts of Life Ministry.

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