Financial Partnership
Thank you for your interest in supporting this ministry. May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless your generosity and labour of love. Financial Partners are very important to this ministry because their commitment and consistency help regulate the funding of our services.

(However, if you'd rather make your donation on a non-commital basis, you may consider the General Donation option here )

There are two basic ways you may serve as our Financial Partner - via making Target Donations and by direct Project Sponsorship. These options are NOT mutually exclusive.

This is a fixed amount of financial gift planned toward a set date of completion, typically twelve months. Practically, this works out as a series of recurrent monthly donations in the appropriate denomination required to meet the set target. Please indicate your preferred target by marking the associated radio button below:
$50 per month (Target: $600)
$100 per month (Target: $1,200)
$250 per month (Target: $3,000)
$500 per month (Target: $6,000)
Over $500 per month (Target: Over $6,000)
Enter any amount over $500/month here: $

Preferred currency:
( * Your donation will be processed in its US Dollar equivalent at the prevailing rate)

Check here to automate instalment payments
If desired, you may check this box to redeem the target in a single lump sum!
1. Automation of instalment payments requires that you have an account with the Payment Gateway
2. If you prefer to donate offline or via other channels such as cheques, Western Union, wire, etc., please click here for details.
3. All donors automatically qualify for our ministry updates.
You may also render your support by sponsoring the the execution of any of our current capital projects. If you are interested in any of the projects listed below, please select the item before clicking the Proceed button. We shall then contact you on the details.
Parcel of land at Ibadan
Ministry general utility vehicle
Publishing of ministry book, Children and Strangers in the Household of Faith
Online video streaming equipment
Launching new web site Escapades in Iniquity
Full name